Visit Sauraha for atleast once

We the admins of tharu community visited Chitwan last week. One of the most beautiful place in Nepal is sauraha, bachhauli of chitwan. Also called the city of elephant and one horned rhinoceros, this city is a tourist hub and is surrounded by tharu villages. If you happen to visit Chitwan don’t forget to enjoy tanga, elephant ride, tharu museum and awesome tharu cultural traditional dances like stick dance, fire dance, jhamta, peacock dance, jhilli dance, thegra dance, damphu dance, etc. Believe us, “stick dance will keep your eyes wide open”, that mesmerizing it is. The clean and green environment, river with blue water, forests, elephant bath and jungle safari will give you paradise feel.

The tharu people are humble, honest and helpful and traditional tharu houses with handmade designs and decorated walls will be treat for your eyes. Visit Sauraha for atleast once, this picture we clicked reflects the great cultural richness of The Tharus, indigenous peoples of Nepal!!:)

tharu dance

2 thoughts on “Visit Sauraha for atleast once”

  1. Do you know of any homestays in Sauraha? We are in our early 70s and we have been to Chitwan. We are returning in November and would like to stay with an indigenous family for 4 days.
    Also we would be looking for a local tour to the Park.
    We look forward to your response.
    We trust that this does not impact on your efforts in restoration after the earthquake.
    Best regards, Peter

  2. Thanks peter, the closest Tharu Homestay from Sauraha is in Nawalparasi district. It is called Amaltari Tharu Homestay which is about 30 km fro Sauraha and 200 Km from Kathmandu. Here you can find a variety of Tharu culture from Chitwan, Nawalparasi and Kapilvastu.
    Some more info can be found here

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